Welcome to the WMOTA website!

WMOTA stands for White Mountain Open Trails Association, a group of adult riders dedicated to promoting safe ATV/UTV operation in the Show Low, Arizona area. A major focus of the group is development and maintenance of the Maverick Trail system, in partnership with the US Forest Service. This marked trail currently runs from near Clay Springs east to Pinetop, but we are working to expand it in both directions. The ultimate goal is to have a dedicated motorized trail system for ATVs/UTVs that runs over the mountains all the way from Heber to Springerville.

We also sponsor monthly rides open to all members. Many members of our group are involved in camping at the trailhead during the week prior to each monthly Saturday ride. During this week they perform pre-rides to insure that the planned trail is clear of obstructions and explore other routes for possible new trails. Each monthly ride is described in detail in an email sent to all members and is featured in a members-only section of this website.

During the summer ride season, our social committee plans a breakfast at the trailhead the morning of each ride. Cost of these meals is included in the membership dues. Rides are planned by our ride committee and led by an experienced rider. Each ride also features a “tail-gunner” who rides at the rear of the column to insure no one gets lost and to help anyone who experiences mechanical problems. Radios are used for communication between the leader and tail-gunner on a channel available to all riders, if they wish to participate. Most monthly rides are designed for those with intermediate riding skills, but many planned rides can be safely negotiated by beginners.

Adult riders may join WMOTA by filling out and submitting the form that can be found here. Please note that all ATVs and UTVs used on club rides must have liability and medical insurance and be legal to operate on Arizona roads. Members and guests must also sign liability waivers recognizing that riding off road vehicles is potentially dangerous and they do so at their own risk. Full disclosure: While members may invite teens to accompany them (with their parents written permission) this adult social club is not a group for young families. Most of our member/riders are middle-aged or seniors.